These tips will help you find more time for prayer and study time.

Remove the guilt and approach each day with confidence. 

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3 Steps to 

More Quiet Time with God

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The 3 Steps to More Quiet Time with God can help you...

  • Get MOTIVATED to do more for Him each day
  • Feel CONFIDENT because you have taken charge of your time
  • Be at PEACE because you decide what goes on your schedule

Being a woman is hard. Satan wants you to feel like the pressure is all on you. He whispers in your ear that you are not good enough and do not do enough.

I don’t want that for YOU! I want you to KNOW that God created you CAPABLE of doing all that is yours to do and that He is RIGHT THERE waiting for you to reach out to let Him help you to do it. These SIMPLE steps can help you to begin to create a day that you can be confident about.  No more feeling guilty because you don't seem to have time for God in your day. Find peace in a guilt-free day by taking control of your time intentionally. Get yours today!