Tired of the constant whining? Children never listen?

Perhaps you've tried everything and it's still not working: time-outs, punishments, taking things away, even rewards.

I used a traditional parenting method with my four boys, who are now young adults.

To be honest, it worked well with some of them but not so well with others.

Then we added two little girls to our family, and traditional parenting wasn't working with them. At. All.

So I found a better way. And most of it is preventive maintenance.

We do preventive maintenance on our vehicles and even with our health. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do preventive maintenance with your children too?

You can! I’m going to show you how some simple preventive maintenance will make a huge difference in your children’s behavior.

Will they still have "break downs"? Yes.

Just as you have good days and bad, so will your children. But because you’ve done the maintenance, you can resolve the issue quickly and get back to the peace and calm you crave.

If you are struggling with the usual methods of discipline for your little ones, come learn how you can start seeing better results by changing the way you respond to your children’s behaviors.

Better Behavior in Ten Minutes a Day is a completely free course that will help transform your parenting and your children’s behavior.

In only ten minutes each day, you will come away with an action plan specific to you and your children to help put some preventive maintenance measures into place.

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