5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Where to Live After Divorce

Hi, I'm Maci O'Grady, Realtor, and I focus on providing stability and clarity for women with children going through divorce, helping them sell their marital home and find the home to start their next chapter. I am a go-to resource of support for many going through divorce.

When I started the divorce process, I felt like my life was on a game board and someone came along and threw it up into the air, all the pieces fell in different places. I had no idea where they were going to land, how to keep playing, or even if the game board was going to be the same. Maybe you can relate. So how do you make decisions, big decisions, when there is So Much Chaos going on in your life?

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“I want women to know that they can get through hard things, and that they will come out the other side a stronger, better version of themselves.” - Maci O'Grady