5 Minute Fall Fitness Challenge

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All it takes is 5 minutes a day to test and improve your vocal fitness.


Running out of breath when singing low or quietly?

Fatiguing after singing?

Needing to get more grit, raspiness, or intensity out of your voice?

Wanting to extend your range?


Kick off what Tamara refers to as the 'Training Season' for singers


You receive a 2-4 minute instructional video and

a 5 minute practice program every day for 5 days.

5 Minute Fall Fitness Challenge

The Fall 5-day Challenge runs Monday, September  25 - Friday, September 29




By the end of the challenge, you’ll have a 5 minute practice program you can do a few times weekly to sneakily improve your fitness.

About Tamara Beatty

Tamara Beatty

Tamara Beatty is a highly regarded Voice and Performance Coach of 25 years who works with celebrities, emerging artists and even victims of abuse to train and reclaim their voices. She’s entering her 10th season as a Voice Coach Consultant on NBC’s “The Voice” and is the founder and owner of VOICEFIT ™ – the first training of its kind for singers, rappers, and performers.