Is life so busy that it feels impossible to stop and make time for yourself?

How often do you put everyone and everything else before your own needs?

Do you sometimes feel that you want more?

My mental health is something that I have battled for half of my life. From living with chronic back pain, two abusive relationships and post-natal depression; I have been on ALL the anti-depressants, had ALL the side effects (weight gain, crazy dreams, hot sweats!) and could probably recite the side-effect leaflet.

Invisible pain and mental health can often still be overlooked and still sadly carries somewhat of a stigma. I want you to know that no matter what the adversity is that you are carrying - self-esteem, confidence, abuse, grief, divorce, chronic pain - I want you to know - I FEEL you. I HEAR you. I BELIEVE you.

Getting back to Nature is what my Signature System IGNITE is all about.  In nature we are surrounded by the elements and within our own bodies we are made up of energy elements - EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, SPACE.

By tapping into our elements we can ignite the women we desire to be. 

Download my free guide and see which element you are living withing along with 5 Tips taken fro my Ignite system and new book Time to Ignite.

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Tara Whiley – Full-time working mum 

Time to Ignite has helped me gain some time to myself to relax and focus my mind. The Fire Element introduced me to the importance of journalling, which I now use daily, as it really helps to clear my mind and refocus. I would highly recommend this book and course to any busy mum or person in fact! 

Jenny Riley-Jenkins – Small business owner and mum of 3 

With severe anxiety and stress levels, Time to Ignite has saved me. Learning to breathe, to visualise and journal have become part of my daily life. My non-negotiable time is now something I do every day and even better I can justify it mum-guilt free... I'm ignited! 

Mandy Worsley – Founder of Mini Minds Matter 

The Ignite 5-step system is easy to understand and very captivating. The explanation of how the brain works makes is easy to understand and clearly shows how anyone can implement the Ignite system to help us to take control of our emotional well-being.