5 Day RUNNING Bootcamp

Are you a fellow runner whose tired of seeing the same results over and over again?

Are you tried of hitting plateous?

Are you ready to see run FASTER, STRONGER, AND MORE CONFIDENT than ever before?

Learn how to train SMARTER, not harder through this 5 Day Running BOOTCAMP! 

Learn how to 

  • Create a PERFECT training plan 
  • Strength train EFFECTIVELY 
  • Fuel your body well and LEAN OUT 
  • DOMINATE your mindset! 

These exact steps have helped my athletes and myself, break barriers, run faster, and hit PRS! 

You will receive DAILY EMAILS filled with actionable content, VIDEOS, AND exclusive free gifts! 

What are you waiting for?

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Hey friends! 

My name is Bethany Thompson and I am the run coach at Persistence Run Coaching. My mission is to help women train SMARTER, not harder and achieve PRS. 

Running is much more than a sport to me. It’s a lifestyle and a way I get to glorify the Lord. I am so grateful to continue to chase down big goals, while helping others do the same.