you will get:

tools to create mindful habits

Practical techniques to help you slow down in the morning and evening - and turn those slow moments into daily habits that ground your routine. 

easy techniques for decluttering

Proven tactics designed to help you declutter your wardrobe - in easy and manageable steps. 

ways to spark your imagination

Ways to get creative and let your imagination roam - even if you don't consider yourself creative. Carve out your own time that will inspire your life.


Our lives feel so uncertain and unstable right now. It's easy to get anxious or frustrated.

But we can slow down and build regular habits to incorporate slow living into our everyday lives.

This 5 Days of Slow challenge gives you practical tools to create a simpler and more mindful life - all in easy tasks to help you regain control of your time.

It's for you if:

  • You love the idea of "slow living" but your real life feels anything but.
  • You don't think overhauling your entire closet - or making drastic changes - feels right for you.
  • You've been wanting to slow down and simplify, but you don't know where to start.
  • You want to feel empowered and inspired, but you don't have a lot of time.

what people are saying:

"In a moment of chaos and uncertainty, this challenge gave me the chance to pause and reflect. It includes clever exercises that are not over with the challenge but became a process to implement on a daily basis." - Chiara Capuzzo, @TheArtOfSlowSipping

"Slowness is a habit. A gentle alternation to our day to day life that grants a sense of gentleness and comfort. That’s exactly what Dee grants us in her beautiful 5 Days of Slow challenge. She inspires by halting us at our most prominent habits and teaches us how we can still be efficient while being slow." - Nanhe, @Nanhes.Jungle

"Dee writes so positively that she inspires change. They’re small doable changes - but they work. If you need to go a little slower, to release moments in your day to live more intentionally, then 5 Days of Slow is the perfect first step." - Anna, @PleasingPauses

about me:

Dee Nowak

I’m a slow living writer who's passionate about simplifying life and making space for what matters. I've overhauled my own life through a lot of trial and error - and I want to help you along the way!

start your own slow living journey..