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Day One: YOU

A happy home starts and ends with you!


Now it is time to focus on the people in your home, and beyond, if you can.

Day Three: Home Management

Find ways to make your home more efficient for you and your family.

Day Four: Home Design

Now it is time to create beauty and add details that reflect your style.

Day Five: Seize the Day

Now it is time to make a commitment and follow through with the plans you have made.


You can always reach out to me for help! admin@lucyjohome.com

I spent far too long feeling like my home was a battle ground--a place to fight the never ending cycles of work, clutter and complaining children.


With some mindset changes and intentional planning, my home has become a haven, a place of learning, safety and order. It is still not perfect, but it is much better.


I am eager to share the ideas and strategies I have used to create more peace, rest, beauty and joy in my home.


I hope you will sign up and join me in this quest to makes homes a bit of heaven on Earth. 



Lucy Jo