It's Time to Take Care of YOU

As women, many of us have spent most of our lives trying to earn the approval of others or taking care of those we love. The old paradigm where women should be nurturing and responsible for caregiving has led us to the point of total burn out by the time we reach our mid-40s. 

I've put together an ebook for YOU. It's filled with self care ideas that area easy and that will make a huge difference on how you feel. 


I believe women between over the age of 45 are our greatest untapped resource, and it's about time that we turn all that caregiving and nurturing toward ourselves. 

Why? Because the world needs us: our wisdom, compassion, experiences, and our problem-solving abilities (just take a look around, we've got some big problems that need solving!).

But first, you need to care for yourself. If you're a woman who gives too much and you've got nothing left for yourself, then this ebook is for YOU.

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