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Have you been struggling to get the most out of your business, find new prospects and convert them into clients?

Maybe you've done some public speaking before but you don't have much training and worry that you're not doing it 'right'?

Are you afraid to promote your business properly when you speak to groups? Do you come away disappointed, knowing you could have done more?

Are you sometimes concerned about stepping into the spotlight?

Are you an introvert and you know you have to speak but don't enjoy it?


If so, this course is for you!


Get ready to make a greater impact and grow your business.


It's time to Get Clients with Speaking in 60 Days!!


This 8 week program will give you confidence as a speaker and will also have you reaching out, finding speaking gigs and building your beautiful business.

There's also a special BONUS module for introverts.

I share my personal secrets and advice gained from performing for and speaking to thousands of people worldwide over the last 10 years. 

In the course I share with you the exact strategies and frameworks I've used to:

  • Speak at a Harper's Bazaar event and generate £1000s in speaking opportunities and client fees
  • Use my introversion as a powerful success tool, speaking with ease in front of more than 1000 people at a time
  • Attract high end private and corporate coaching clients
  • And much, much more...


There are 8 juicy modules and plenty of bonuses too. 

Unlike many online courses, you won't be left alone to struggle by yourself and lose motivation because each week there's a LIVE coaching Q&A call with me, or a live module (with replays) in our private Facebook group.

Want extra support? You can even choose an option that includes some private coaching.

Starts from only $497.

Tayyaba Jordan

Wellness coach

After going through Shola’s signature program, I gave two talks in two days with about 25 people at each talk. I ended up booking 29 consultations – people were queueing up to fill out my sign up sheet – and I gained 7 new clients.


Week 1: Your BIG why and your speaking goals

Learn the 3 important questions you MUST answer before you start creating your presentation. Get clear on your desired outcomes. If you don't know where you're going, how can you make progress?!

Week 2: Be DYNAMIC

Uncover what it takes to be an exciting, engaging speaker. The workbook and exercises will help you keep your crowd on the edge of their seats.

Week 3: Connect with stories

Explore the storytelling frameworks that will help you form a strong emotional connection with your listeners. 

Week 4: Speech structure (1) adding value

Confused people don't buy. Learn to structure your speech to deliver maximum value and make your content easy to understand and act upon. 

Week 5: Speech structure (2) winning business

Discover how to structure your speech to build influence and trust. Sell without being salesy. Show your audience that they should buy from YOU.

Week 6: How to source speaking opportunities

Learn a simple process to source speaking gigs and find your ideal clients. Find out how to use a virtual assistant to help you with this.

Week 7: How to reach out and get the gig

Yep - it's time!! How to approach event organisers so you don't irritate them and what to say to secure the gig! Pick up swipe files and cheat sheets to help you on your way.

Week 8: Get ready for the stage baby!

All things preparation: we look at the best way to rehearse your talk, how to prepare when you don't have much time, what to do on stage if you get an attack of nerves, how to analyse your performance and more.

Ruth Kudzi

Success Coach

I went to Shola's event for Harper's Bazaar and it was one of the best events of the year for me. Shola delivers her content in an engaging way. The workshop was interactive and fun. We all left with new (or improved) skills. I was so impressed by Shola that I have asked her to do some training for the women on my mastermind.

Julie Deeks

Nutritional Therapist

I have now secured my first speaking engagement  The reason I am endorsing Shola Kaye is after the event and our laser session I have the tools, feedback and knowledge of how to put together a talk that will be engaging and potentially client attracting too. Thank you Shola Kaye your approach has made a big difference to me and how I create my talks going forward.

Starts from only $497.

Schedule a 15 minute chat with Shola to find out more about the course!


Private Facebook Community

I'll be in the community personally to interact with you. Plus, you get to form a bond with other participants. Know that you're not alone. There's a support network here for you! 

Regular scheduled Q&A calls

Every week there'll be a live call where you can ask me questions. The calls will be recorded so no worries if you can't make it live. When you can't attend live, you can even post questions in the group feed for me to answer. For extra interactivity, some of the core modules and bonuses will be delivered live too. 

Bonus 1: Speak on your feet with ease

Sometimes you'll have to speak up at short notice, or think on your feet during Q&A. Learn how to ace impromptu speaking with this 1-hour practical online course.

Bonus 2: Eliminate public speaking fears

This fear-busting module takes you through a variety of exercises to help you get rid of public speaking nerves and doubts. 

Bonus 3: Get the introvert advantage

If you're the sort to shy away from the spotlight then this module is for you. Learn how to manage your energy and play to your strengths so you maximise each  and every speaking opportunity.

Bonus 4: Become an AUTHENTIC speaker

This personal development module will help you do the work to get you mentally ready to speak. Understand your drivers, unleash your personas and be the true you onstage.

Get your fast acting bonus!

But only if you join the program before midnight PST on 25th June!!!

Pick up my SWIPE FILE OF EMAIL TEMPLATES for reaching out to event organisers AND the EXACT EMAILS sent by my wonderful PR lady (who secured speaking opportunities for me at Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire).

Want some extra attention?

You have the option to book two private coaching calls with me as part of the program. Get the 'Strategy for Success' and 'Speaking Gigs on Steroids' coaching sessions to maximise your time completing the course.

Course Begins


What to expect - learn in a supportive community

Each module comes in the form of video lessons and is approx 30-60 mins long. The modules with longer lessons also contain written transcripts and audios.

Every week, a new module will be released and there'll be a Q&A call in our Facebook group. You can also ask questions in the group.

Some of the exercises will involve sharing into the group, and receiving support from your classmates. That's part of the fun!

Flexibility to suit your budget and learning style

You might enjoy forging ahead and getting on with the work yourself, or perhaps you prefer more support and a helping hand. That's why you can either:

  1. Join the group program, participate in the Facebook group AND receive 2 x 60 minute private coaching sessions with me OR
  2. Join the group program and participate in the Facebook group.

Choose the appropriate option when you check out. 

My promise to you

I'll be your coach and cheerleader. I know first hand that it can be a challenge to step up and speak to grow your biz.

Years ago I hated public speaking and was dreadful at it. These days I've performed on 4 continents and spoken to groups as large as 1500.

I share my best insights, strategies and tips with you.

I've written two books on public speaking and trained at events on behalf of Harper's Bazaar and major corporations as well as running my own successful London speaking workshops for women.

There's also a 30 day guarantee. Show that you've logged on and attempted the exercises and if you're not happy you'll get a refund, less the cost of any 121 private coaching sessions.

Schedule a 15 minute chat with Shola to find out more about the course!

Don't miss out on a course that will build your confidence, boost your business and maybe even change your life!

This content is worth more than $2000 - you're getting 8 modules, tons of bonuses, group coaching calls and a community to support you.

But all you have to pay is:



And if you'd like two additional value-packed one-to-one coaching sessions to support you on your journey:


Payment plans are available.

This course is worth more than three times the current price and fees may increase after June 28th so don't delay!