For the woman ready to reconnect to her true self, step into her soul’s power and create a life that lights her up.

Sunday 14th August - 6.30pm

You are not broken!

You are not damaged!

And you are most definitely not a failure!

What you probably are is lost, disconnected or on the wrong path.

All of which can be rectified if you follow my 6 mindset secrets which I will be taking you through in this FREE live masterclass.

Listen up my love, I’ve been exactly where you are now so I get it.

You are mentally and physically drained from hauling your sorry ass through this sad existence.

Life feels like a frozen ready meal that won’t warm up no matter how long you microwave it for.

Your days are sponsored by Starbucks, Amazon, Netflix and whichever supermarket has the best wine deal of the week.

You didn’t expect shooting stars and earth shattering events all of the time, but surely it’s gotta be better than this?

And you are bang on the money! It can be better, it’s meant to be better and it gets to be better.

Come and join me on Sunday 14th August @ 6.30pm

And I will take you through the exact steps I followed, so you can begin your journey to living fully aligned with your soul.

“But what does that even mean, Shaena?”

It means this…

⚡ Waking up rested after a great night's sleep (I know, I was surprised too but it's a real thing!) and going to bed with a peaceful mind.

⚡ Singing in the shower, dancing in the kitchen and saying hello to birds and four legged creatures.

⚡ No more unnecessary stress, worry or overwhelm.

⚡ Clear head, focused mind, all round more energy.

⚡ Doing things that you want to do because you can and deserve to (guilt free!).

⚡ Spending more time on the things that bring you joy, make you feel alive and give you purpose.

⚡ Better, stronger and healthier relationships with friends, family and foe.

⚡ And most importantly, loving yourself so hard that you will never again doubt your existence or your worth!

Sounds incredible, right?

Here’s what will happen next:

➡ Sign up using the button below.

➡ Receive your welcome email with zoom link to the masterclass

➡ And a bonus link to my 6 mindset secrets E-book which will accompany the masterclass.

➡ Join me on Sunday 14th August @ 6.30pm* and get ready to reconnect to your soul.

*If you cannot make the masterclass live on the day, the replay will be available for 7 days after.

Can't wait to see you there!


P.S This is a value only masterclass, no sales pitch in sight.