Just like you need to be physically fit to meet your body's demands, you need to be 'Psychologically Fit' to meet the mental, emotional, and behavioral demands of life.

The unsettling truth is that stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, digestive problems, or "lifestyle illnesses" including high blood pressure and diabetes plague a majority of us, and the tools and skills we need to prevent or fix these problems elude most of us. Life today is way more stressful than it was a generation ago, or even a couple of years ago, and unless you're in the right psychological condition, you won't perform at your best, you'll have real trouble making sustainable changes and achieving your goals, and you probably won't fully engage in and enjoy your life. 

Psychological fitness is the term I use to describe

  • the psychological strength you need to cope with the challenges of life,
  • the mental and energetic endurance you need to pursue your goals,
  • and the power and flexibility you need to make changes in yourself, your lifestyle or your life.

Psychological Fitness is the key to resilience and coping in this volatile world!

We can build Psychological Fitness!

Just like we build physical fitness with exercises that target our body's muscles, we build psychological fitness with exercises that target our "psychological muscles". When we strengthen those muscles, we can draw on them whenever they're needed; to help us meet life's toughest challenges, or to help us achieve our most meaningful goals.

Over the last few decades, advances in neuroscience have revealed that we have the capacity to change ourselves at the cellular level. This ability to change ourselves is called neuroplasticity, and its discovery has been a game-changer for the behavioral sciences. We used to believe that people can't really change too much, but now we understand that we actually have a tremendous capacity to change our brains and our behavior, and therefore, our lives!

Psychological Fitness Training™ uses the power of neuroplasticity to build our psychological muscles. Based on over 25 years of personal and professional experience, I identified 5 key practices that can strengthen our psychological muscles and therefore increase our psychological fitness. They are:

When practiced regularly, these exercises change us at the cellular level and unlock our capacity to:

  • manage, and even thrive through stress,
  • experience improved wellness and well-being,
  • gain confidence and conquer self-criticism,
  • build grit and resilience,
  • experience the power of emotional freedom,
  • neutralize negativity,
  • change our habits,
  • sharpen our focus,
  • tap into our creativity,
  • and more!

And as a bonus, these same practices improve bottom-line benchmarks like health, productivity, relationships, performance and everyone's true ultimate goal - happiness and fulfillment!

6 Weeks to Psychological Fitness is a Free online Psychological Fitness Training™ program.

This program includes 6-weeks of streamable daily video “workouts” that teach you the 5 key psychological fitness practices. Each class is only about 15 minutes – so you can build your psychological fitness quickly and easily.

I hand-selected behavioral science's most effective strategies and adapted them into simple exercises - mostly involving specific methods of breathing and reflection - and I show you EXACTLY how to practice them to strengthen and even transform yourself at the neurobiological level. That means the changes you make can get wired right into your brain.

Just follow my directions as I lead you in practical, but proven, breathing, thinking and reflection exercises, and get psychologically fit!

You’ll learn strategies to manage stress, create a daily mindfulness practice, work with the “scary” stuff like thoughts and emotions, to become more positive, and to experience the surprising but scientifically supported rewards of compassion.

Science has proven that we’re capable of changing ourselves at the cellular level, and this program is designed to tap into that astonishing capacity.

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