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What you’ll learn

Are you looking to boost your income? In this free 6 week email course, I help you to find ways of making extra money that fit in well with your lifestyle – meaning that you can make money, save money and live the life you want. Already course attendees have quit their jobs to earn an income online based on what they have learned and put into practice from this course. This is incredible and you can do it too! No matter what your financial goals are, there are tips for everyone. Perhaps you want to boost your funds for Christmas or a holiday, you want to work less so that you have more time for your family or you just want to give up your job altogether, there is something for everyone in the course.

My Story

My family fled South Africa, where I grew up, because someone tried to kill my Mum in our own home. We left with only out suitcases, and lost everything. What followed was 6 months of living in a homeless hostel, sometimes relying on food banks to get by. I vowed that I would never see myself in that situation again, and I haven't!

Since then I went on to university and graduated into the recession, where I had to turn to online money making to get by. I handed in my notice to my full time job and left in November 2015, and started employing my husband a couple of months later.

Since then I have consistently hit my income goal of earning £5,000 per month online, and I want to share this knowledge with you.

Course Outline

This free email course is run over 6 weeks, with 12 different lessons as follows:

  1. Laying the groundwork
  2. Quick cash hits
  3. No-brainers
  4. Setting up a business
  5. Mystery shopping & using your smart phone
  6. Get paid to…
  7. Staying motivated
  8. Can you really profit from “gambling”?
  9. Passive income part 1
  10. Passive income part 2
  11. Thinking outside the box
  12. Conclusion

There are 2 lessons every week. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up every week - life is busy and things happen. You will still have the emails in your inbox and the Facebook group to refer back to.

This is a FREE course. The cost of this course is absolutely nothing. That's right, there is nothing to pay for this and this course is 100% FREE.

Plus get access to my exclusive Money Making Mastermind Facebook Group

If you want to connect with hundreds of like minded people who motivate each other and help each other to reach their financial goals then you will love my exclusive Money Making Mastermind Facebook group. This group is ONLY available to people registered for this free money making email course. I am in the group every day connecting with the members and helping them with their own projects. There are also Facebook live video sessions and monthly challenges along the way.

Here's what past attendees have to say

Like a lot of people I initially had doubts about earning money online . Four months ago I started cautiously on Swagbucks earning a few pounds every week . I then followed the aspiring Emma of EmmaDrew.Info who has literally changed my life . With her guidance and support I now earn enough to give up my stressful full time job and work from home . I have learnt and continue to learn from both her and the members of her groups. Im in the process of setting up and writing my own blog too which will be going live in September. Without Emma's expert advice I would still be working seven days a week and my family time would be non existent. I really can not thank her enough. -Jane

Through this course I gained the confidence to believe that even I could make reliable, regular, decent money online without spending hours and hours on surveys that pay only pennies (Toluna, I'm looking at you). The best thing by far though has been access to a really supportive Facebook group where members have been able to help each other out. Emma is very generous with her time and no question is a stupid one (or so they tell me! ;-)). Thanks to Emma's support and encouragement I have finally taken the plunge and have set up my own blog called Frugality Gives Us Options, which I hope will enable me to continue to support my family and our financial and life goals. Thanks Emma! -Ellie

You always hear about the people taking you for a mug and ripping you off with a promise of making money online. Well Emma is the complete opposite, such a genuine person simply wanting to help others change their lives. From my point of view I had lost my job and was suffering from depression, then I read an article in the Daily Mail about Emma and started reading her blog which in turn lead me to her course. This course has covered all the legitimate money making methods Emma uses herself and all of them have worked for me and now I am considering going self employed full time to support my wife and kids. The support doesn't end there though as with the Facebook groups we have unlimited seemingly lifetime support from the very helpful and active Emma and all of the other group members. I cannot praise Emma and the course highly enough! -David

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