Never stumble for the right words during the most important steps of your client journey again!

If you're here, then you've probably spent some time outlining all the steps of your DREAM client journey workflow and you're STUCK!

You're not sure what emails are ESSENTIAL to send! 🤔

This guide of the 7 Essential Workflow Emails will allow you to be prepared for every step of your client journey, from the initial inquiry to the offboarding email!

These are the same emails I use for my business, as well as all of the clients I've worked with as a HoneyBook Pro. They are perfect for just about any workflow, regardless of what platform you use, but I'll be explaining the process HoneyBook uses.

The Guide of the 7 Essential Workflow Emails includes:

  • Overview of each of the 7 emails
  • Directions on how to use each email in your HoneyBook workflow
  • Swipe files of each of the 7 emails

All of this is put together in a beautiful, easy to print guide!

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