Welcome to the 7 Day Blog Growth Challenge!

I'm so happy you're here! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Karen.

I'm a Blogger, Pinterest Strategist, and Virtual Assistant. And I love helping people learn how to effectively promote their product, business, or blog.

Because I love helping others grow their online businesses, I created this simple challenge.

How it works

Each day for the next week, you'll receive an email with an actionable task that will help you increase your online presence. I'll provide instructions and resources (this challenge is FULL of freebies!) to keep things super simple. And if you feel lost or have questions, send me an email and I'll help you through it!

I'm here to challenge you and hold you accountable to make a little effort, every day, to move in the right direction. 

If you are ready to grow your blog, 1 day at a time, sign up below to join The Challenge. I can't wait to get things started!

To fully participate you'll need a Pinterest Business account and Facebook Page for your blog/business.

What Other Bloggers Are Saying:

Jen from DigitialSheEO.com says:
"Whether you’ve been blogging for a while or you’re
just getting started, this challenge is for you.
Each day Karen covers a new way to get blog traffic, gives an assignment to take action, and also offers links to more advanced related information.
It’s filled with printable checklists, worksheets and a password organizer that I really needed in my life. There is so much value in this. I still can’t believe it’s free!"

Akshaya from CabinetofThoughts.com says:
"I loved the challenge and it was broken down into parts that are easy to understand. I also loved that you included Facebook groups to improve traffic. Your tasks are easy to follow and I really enjoyed it. I hope in the future you create more challenges like this."

Christina from indite.wixsite.com says:
"This challenge was by far the best challenge I've ever participated in!
After completing the challenge my traffic went up by 40 PERCENT! YUP!
I would definitely recommend this challenge to those of you who haven't entered yet, from Facebook and Pinterest to Gravatars and revamping old blog posts, this is one challenge that has given me more than I wanted! The best part is that it's ALL free!!!!!"