Your revenue was more PREDICTABLE??
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You didn’t LOSE SLEEP AT NIGHT stressing over your business?
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You were excited, motivated and felt there was a HIGHER PURPOSE to your work?
That is was EASIER (even just a LITTLE)?


I know that YOU want to run your business not the other way around! 

Inside of this 7 Day FREE Trial of the #SPABOSS University, you are going to get access to video's, worksheets, masterclasses, monthly coaching, accountability groups, staffing and more! 

Everything you need to take your business to the next level.  

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A 182 worksheets to work through at your own pace.

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The support, community and accountability that you need!


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New Trainings Released Regularly

There are tons of practical training's and workshops included inside of this membership program, and we are always adding new trainings, workshops, resources and Q+A's that you get access to each and every one of them as they are released. From goal planning to staff management, each of these is designed to give you the tools to make your business profitable, sustainable and above all, passionate.

I was in your shoes...

There was a point, early in my time as a spa owner when I was DROWNING IN DEBT, struggling to get new clients in the door and feeling lost at sea when it came to my business goals.

I knew something NEEDED TO CHANGE and fast.

It was time to get serious...

So I got SERIOUS about my goals, the VISION for my business, began to truly UNDERSTAND my numbers and create a STRATEGY to truly turn things around.

Slowly, I went from feeling totally at the end of my rope to building a THRIVING, SUSTAINABLE business that I felt PASSIONATE about every single day.

#SpaBoss University Will Help You:

Develop the SUCCESS MINDSET you need to grow your business

Figure out exactly how much you AND your business need to be making to REACH YOUR GOALS WITH EASE  

Get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM IN YOUR BUSINESS, and get you obsessed with the #’s

Give you the tools to LEAD AND INSPIRE PRODUCTIVITY in your team (even if it is only you).  

Get a grasp on what your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION is, and why it is crucial that you have one  

Understand and build your sales funnel so you can EMPLOY AN ONLINE STRATEGY to up-level your business  

Outline strategies and action steps that will help you start SEEING IMMEDIATE CHANGE in your business  

UNDERSTAND YOUR WHY and enlist the buy-in from your team  

IMPACT YOUR COMMUNITY and build your business in the process  

Get creative with your offerings and DEVELOP MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS that will set you apart from the competition  

Working with Susan has been a dream come true! She is a true professional who is an expert at social
media marketing. Within just a few short weeks of working with Susan, I gained over $2K in revenue,
have watched my Instagram account gain over 100 followers with the posts that she created getting a
lot of attention, and have gotten appointment bookings from people who saw things through my
Facebook and Instagram accounts. On top of it, Susan has taught me how to do this through educating
people about my business while she, herself, took the time to learn more about what I do and it has
never felt “salesy” or inauthentic. Susan took them time to learn about me and my likes and dislikes and
has turned my social media into something that feels like it comes from my heart, because it does –
through hers.
With all the time that I have saved by having Susan do my social media, I have been able to spend more
time doing research to find out what I want to offer my clients next. I was able to bring in 2 new
therapies that will be increasing my sales even more.
Susan is a dream to work with and has been a blessing to me and my business.

Missy Cohen, MPH, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
Owner of Just Breathe, a salt room