Elevated Mama Life's 7-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge

  • Do you crave healthy meals you can make in minutes? 
  • Are you looking for easy ways to add more nutrition without complicated meal planning? 
  • Are you a shake lover that wants a new spin on nourishing liquid meals that fill you up and keep you feeling good? 

Heathy eating has never been easier or more FUN! 

The Elevated Mama Life 7-Day Smoothie Challenge comes with:

++ Daily recipes 

++ Meal Plan

++ Nutritional support info from ingredients in bowls

Boost your health!  

Make easy, super nutritious meals in minutes!

Get Ready to Rock-and-Bowl!

7-Day Smoothie Challenge

Whether you are looking for a new and creative way to fuel your body or you simply want a stress-free meal option for you or your family, Smoothie Bowls can solve so many of our needs! 

I can't tell you how many morning and evenings (yes, I make these for dinner ALL the time) that I whip up smoothie bowls as way to pack in nutrition.

When we have had a busy day or lots of activity and/or indulged in not-so-healthy foods - smoothie bowls are my go-to for ensuring we get the balance of whole foods without it being complicated or without the battle of trying to get my kiddos to eat something health. In fact, they regularly ask for smoothie bowls for dinner after a long day of play and school! 

I can't wait for you try out all our favorites and get inspiration for your own combinations!