What is holiness?

Holiness is a part of God's nature. But it doesn't stop there. Holiness is part of God's design for us.

God wants His children to reflect Him.

The 7 Days of Holiness is a self-examination and a challenge to take a deeper walk with the Lord.

We Avoid Holiness

We avoid a pursuit of holiness for a lot of reasons:

  • Holiness sounds so legalistic
  • God alone is holy—that's His territory
  • Holiness is like perfection, and I'll never be perfect so there's no reason to try
  • Holiness sounds exhausting
  • plus a million more reasons...

I want to challenge you.

But I also want to encourage you.

There is more to holiness than simply walking the walk.

I want to transform the way you see biblical holiness.

Here are four big reasons to claim your free devotional gift today and begin pursuing holiness every single day:

  • God calls us to be holy as He is holy
  • We want to serve God because He first loved us
  • We want to grow closer in relationship with God and others
  • Biblical holiness isn't scary, it's actually encouraging.

7 Days of Holiness

The 7 Days of Holiness is one week dedicated to finding biblical holiness in our lives.

No fluff—only practical teaching from the Word, with applicable ways to grow in the holiness God wants for your life.