Feel prepared.

Impress your interviewer.

It's the day of your interview. 

You're confident you can do the job. 

But are you confident about what to say to the hiring manager? 

After using these 8 steps, you'll feel calm and prepared when you walk into your English-speaking job interview. 

What you'll read

Ch. 1

Get in the right mindset

There are two mindsets -- the fixed and growth mindsets -- and you'll learn that you can choose how to think about your job search progress. 

The first chapter is encouragement just for you as a non-native English speaker!

Ch. 2

A template for how to research the company

Each business has its own culture, mission, and journey. You'll learn how to understand the company that you want to work for. 
Impress your interviewer by knowing what they want to hear!

Ch. +

How to answer "About Me" and more...

Get the book to learn how to write your own career story, communicate your value and goals, and make a good impression on the hiring manager. 
Bonus chapters include some of the most frequently asked questions, questions YOU should ask, and a list of illegal questions you shouldn't answer during an interview (for an American company). 

About the author

I'm Tina! 

I've been a professional writer, social media marketer, and word nerd for the last 6 years. During this (crazy) year of 2020, I've given over 450 1-on-1 English coaching sessions... And I used my students' most frequently asked questions to write this interview prep guide. Along with advice from 3 HR industry experts.

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