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Make simple changes to your diet TODAY.

With so much conflicting information in the media, I demystify much of the confusion surrounding food and health, giving clear cut advice with simple tips that are practical and above all, actionable.

By bringing in gentle, yet effective changes to your daily routine, you can make sustainable and long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle. Before you know it, it becomes a way of life.

We're often hearing how crucial it is to look after both our physical and mental health, keep a healthy weight and eat a more natural diet. A good (and easy!) place to start is to address what we are eating and how we are eating it.

Healthy eating should be a PRIORITY. Eating well not only protects poor health now, but it can help prevent ill-health in the future too. 

Often what we believe to be healthy is based on outdated science (low fat, low calorie foods, less eggs, more carbs). Eating less but higher quality carbohydrates, more healthy fats, MORE plants and vegetables and sufficient protein are the cornerstones to a healthy metabolism.

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