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15-Minute Workouts

  • Welcome your new confidence by fitting FAST workouts into your busy schedule
  • Quick routines make it easy to find motivation
  • It's inspiring when you can workout anywhere:
    • Videos Include my visits to Cabo, Philly, & Home in LA

Individual Exercise Instruction

  • Master your form and maximize results
  • Feel better and decrease pain
  • Increase baseline athleticism with proper body mechanics

Pro-Tips and Workout Summary

  • Improve patterns by applying my fitness secrets
  • Increase "buy-in" by understanding your exercises
  • Enhance your fitness knowledge, as you change your life

Once You Get Your Hands On This System...

You'll Quickly Notice...

  • New confidence as you melt felt, gain lean muscle, improve skin health and slow the aging process.
  • Excitement about working out as you embody an easy routine, and the NEW YOU.
  • You feel rejuvenated and energetic rather than tired.
  • Relief from anxiety as you complete workouts rather than avoid them, and boost your general health.
  • Increase athleticism with quick-twitch movements honing your skills.
  • Feel younger with less pain as you improve through functionally based workouts.

With a Perfect Program...

  • You don't need to go to the gym
  • You don't need to overspend on training
  • You don't need to spend hours working out
  • You don't need to be a fitness guru
  • You don't need to be in shape already

My Promise...

No more anxiety about making it to the gym or not having enough time. I promise these workouts will fit into your schedule with ease. 

Consequently, one may experience a boost in confidence and feel better by simply completing this challenge. My clients experience rapid, compounding results from there!

And In honor of this big day and my excitement for the release of my program...
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Work Experience

My name is Zach Ray, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • I own a Sports-Medicine Physical Therapy Clinic in Los Angeles.
  • I have practiced for over 10 years while mastering my skillset and healing my clients.
  • I've also trained professional athletes from various sports (male & female).

Throughout my career...
I have often been asked to share my knowledge regarding fitness...

Clients have begged me to release an adult fitness plan that would...

  1. Burn Belly Fat + Add Lean Muscle
  2. Fit Into Hectic Schedules
  3. Reduce Pain

Professional Athletes

Julius Thomas

Super Bowl Tightend
1X All-Pro
2x Pro-Bowl

Michelle Cruz

Professional Soccer Player
U.S.A. Olympic Team

Ryon Healy

Seattle Mariners
First Basemen
Rookie of the Month (2016)

Past Challengers


52 y/o

"Finally, something that helped tone my stomach and legs. Sticking to this!"


21 y/o

"D1 football has worn my body down. Dr. Ray got me feeling good again!"

Matt R.

47 y/o

"Noticeable result in no time. I ran a faster mile than I have in years!"

Plus... I'm throwing in my FREE E-Book

5 Secrets to Stop Pain NOW

I wrote this E-book to help relieve people of the aches and pains that they just can't seem to shake! With these 5 secrets, you can start taking steps toward a pain-free you. I'm throwing this gift in FREE with the challenge, so you have every opportunity to improve your fitness, and decrease pain!

Defining My Career

For over 10 years, Zach has helped people say goodbye to pain. He has helped both the general public and also high-level professional athletes. He uses many of his tactics (that most save only for the pros) and applies them to people in the community. It's his way of giving back to those who have helped evolve his company into the credible, top-notch clinic that is now Live Athletics. These clients now move and live better than ever. Their appreciation and gratitude have inspired him to give away this FREE PROGRAM!

So, enjoy the program, & congrats on your decision to achieve functional fitness!

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