Standing Firm: A Study on the Armor of God

This is an 8-part study 1-email daily so make sure you have your Bible, pen, and paper for taking notes.

Learn how God wants us to use the Armor he's given us to fight off the attacks of Satan!

We are already in the battle but the question remains...Are we in the fight?

You're gonna grow so much but it's also challenging and convicting.

What You Can Expect From This Study

What is the Nature of the Battle? Who is the True Enemy? How do we Fight? How do we Stand Firm?

The Whole Armor of God

  • Standing firm in our faith demands to suit up in the strength of our God
  • Fighting this battle in your own strength will not work
  • We need God's Strength

The Belt of Truth

  • Standing firm demands to live a Scripture-saturated life
  • Spiritual growth is directly connected to time spent in God’s word
  • There’s nothing that God calls you to that His word won’t equip us for

The Breastplate of Righteousness

  • Pro-activity gives a strategic advantage
  • When God looks at us, He sees Christ’s righteousness
  • No Christian is a slave of sin

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

  • The gift of peace with others
  • Christ Our Cornerstone
  • Christ Our Peace

Shield of Faith

  • Assume the Attack is Coming
  • Believe in God’s Power
  • Cling to God’s Promises

Helmet of Salvation

  • God’s Everlasting Love
  • We Are Saved From Any Charge of Sin
  • We are saved from being separated from Christ’s love

Sword of the Spirit

  • God’s Word is Our Weapon
  • God’s Word Defends Us in the Attack Every other piece of spiritual armor is to defend us
  • God’s Word Arms Us For the AttackGod’s Word is Empowered By His Spirit

Gift of Prayer to Suit Up in His Armor

  • Pray ALL Kinds of Prayer
  • Pray on ALL Occasions
  • Pray With ALL Perseverance