Does the idea of asking for donations for your nonprofit cause you to break out into a full-blown panic attack?

Has anxiety prevented you from reaching out to potential donors or major gift prospects limiting the growth of your donor base?

Are you looking for practical tips to help you walk into every donor ask conversation well prepared and confident?

If this sounds like you then the How To ASK For Donations Without Anxiety guidebook is the perfect solution.

This guidebook is packed full of actionable tips, tricks, and information designed to help you overcome anxiety and increase your confidence when it comes to asking for donations.

In This Guidebook You Will Learn:

How To Identify The Fears

Identify the top 3 fundraising fears that lead to anxiety in donor prospect conversations and learn how to control your fear of fundraising with a few simple tips to help you prepare for an ASK.

How To Shift The Focus

Learn four donor-centered truth-bombs that will help you shift the focus of fundraising conversations, making them fun and exciting adventures.

How To Gain Confidence

Apply 4 practical tips (right away!) to help you find the right donors to support your cause and gain more confidence in asking for donations.

  • Are you new to the role of a nonprofit fundraiser and you feel anxious when it comes time to ask for a financial contribution?
  • Or, maybe you are a founding Executive Director and you are struggling to raise funds because you don’t like to ask for donations.
  • Perhaps you are a Board member and feel that you don’t have a network and you are scared to approach people because it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Maybe you are Fundraising volunteer and you serve on a committee or Associate Board or Development team, with the purpose of raising funds but you get so nervous when it comes to asking others for a donation or sponsorship or event contribution. 

If you can relate to any of these scenarios then the How To Ask For Donations Without Anxiety guidebook is for you. Request a copy today.

Hi! I'm Susan Tripi DeLano, Nonprofit Coach & CEO of Rise Consulting Group, LLC

I remember my early days in nonprofit fundraising. I was anxious for days anytime I had to meet with a potential donor to ask a donation. For days before the meeting I was filled with nerves the size of boulders in my stomach, never mind dainty butterflies.

Did I mess up at times? Yep. You betcha. Did I stumble through a fundraising ask? Yep. On more than one occasion.

Did I wish I had resources to learn from? Yep. Keep in mind my early days in fundraising were in the stone age of dial-up internet, of perusing articles in magazines, and checking books from the library --- all before the days of the fast connections, smartphones, and “Google University”.

If you are new to your role in fundraising or you, too, feel the same sense of nervousness when it comes to asking for donations, I’ve got you covered. The How To Ask For Donations Without Anxiety nonprofit guidebook is for you.

Packed with practical tips to help you gain confidence in your role as a fundraiser, your days of pre-meeting jitters and panic attacks are over.

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