Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and behind all the time?

Imagine 10 Days from now....

  • Your kitchen is actually clean enough to make supper.
  • You no longer have piles and piles of laundry to do.
  • You are happy with the time you spend with your kids.

This can be you with the 10 Day Balanced Mom Challenge!


Are the dishes piled high? Has Laundry Mountain invaded your house? 

I won't even ask when was the last time you dusted your house. 

Because, Mom, I get it! 

I was the same way. My kitchen counters were full of dirty dishes. 

My family was running low on clean clothes to wear.

I didn't know how to balance cleaning my house and still take care of my family. 

One day, I finally had enough of feeling that way. 

Little by little I learned how to simplify the way I clean my house. 

I cut out all the extras and started a super simple cleaning schedule.

Instead of spending hours cleaning my house on the weekends, I now only spend 20 minutes a day! That means I actually have time to spend with my kids. 


I used to hate when my husband asked what was for dinner because I usually had no idea! 

How was I supposed to have a clean house, make supper each night, and still take care of my kids?! 

But the truth is we were spending way too much money on extra trips to the store and ordering pizza. So I decided to figure out an easy way to get supper on the table each night. 

I did this by simplifying! 

In the workbook, you'll learn how to simplify your meals too. You also get a step by step example of how to actually get supper made. 

  1. This means you waste less time. 
  2. You have confidence that your family will be fed good meals each night. 
  3. You can stop running by the store to pick up a missing ingredient.
  4. You can avoid the drive thru or calling for pizza delivery.
  5. You know what to do for supper even if the day doesn't go as planned. 

I'll show you how in the workbook and there is plenty of room for you to start implementing what you learn!


"So helpful! Great tips to managing your home and family successfully!" -Hope

"Thanks again for the tips!!! They are simple and helpful, which is exactly what I need." -Patty

"I came across your tips and I actually feel inspired. Thank you for your tips, highly appreciate them!" -Cindy


1. 25 pages

2. 10 challenges (4 about clean house, 4 about getting supper on the table, 2 about spending time with your kids)

3. Easy to use checklists

4. Real life examples

5. Room to write answers and action steps for the challenges

Save and use the workbook and checklists over and over again!

Will I be sent anything?

    This is a digital product. Once you purchase the workbook through Etsy, you will gain access to the workbook and be able to download it.

    Can you relate to these?

    • The dishes are piled high and laundry mountain has invaded your home.
    • You have no idea what to feed your family for supper and will probably end up going through the drive thru. again.
    • You feel guilty that you aren't spending more quality time with your family.

    If you answered, YES, The Balanced Mom Challenge is for you!