Finally! A language curriculum for YOUR child!

I believe we have two common goals: a desire to see our children compete globally and fully understand what is their place in this vast world.  As a mother of four Black children, I see how raising them bilingual has helped with reading, critical thinking and cultural competence that surpasses many of their non-Black peers. They all read above grade level and their vocabulary in both English and Spanish far exceeds even my own high expectations for their success.

2nd edition is now available!!!!

It's here! A Spanish curriculum especially for Black families!!

I have something special for my homeschool families!  What I would like to offer your homeschool or co-op group is a curriculum workbook that infuses language, family, and Afrolatino culture. As a businesswoman, I have married the two common goals of raising globally competitive children and competence of the African Diaspora into an exploratory language and culture series. 

This curriculum brings together, my desire to see Black children compete globally, understand the African Diaspora for which they are a part and give them access to language that has no other goal but their success in language in mind.

You can get 9 months of themes, units and lessons in ONE book!

A new edition of the curriculum is here! With updates and MAS países!


Careers and Professions as well as slang and popular terms have been added!


Bolivia and the Dominican Republic have been added with the rich Black history that is a part of their cultures! Literally, ROYALTY, baby!


What does it mean to speak Black Spanish?  I dive deeper into ways to introduce an appreciation for the beautiful connections between Blacks and language!



What you get:

I truly believe that my desires along with your goals will set Black children apart in  ways never before imagined. Bilingual Brown Babies Homeschool Curriculum, provides your children with an experience that will broaden their perspective, expose them to languages and offer you tips to incorporate what they learn into your everyday life.  The curriculum will teach children about Black populations in Latin America by country, offer sample lessons in Spanish and give parents a way to use Spanish in the home right away, every day.

Afrolatino History

Learn about six different Afrolatino populations as you progress through!  Learnt their history and contribution to the countries!

Afrolatino Culture

Get poetry, music, dance and art from an Afrolatino perspective in each unit and theme!

Language Lessons

Get language lessons that are easy to use regardless of your speaking level.  You can easily tailor it for grades K-8. 

You also can get the option to get a year's worth audio tutorials from me to be sure you are getting the most out of the curriculum for you and your child!

Isn't this what you have been waiting for?

You tried the “system”

❌The methodologies didn’t match how your child learns

❌The instructors seemed to marginalize and stereotype your child without as much as a real conversation with you

❌There was not enough of your history present in how your child was learning 

All of these things (and a few others) were impacting your child’s success in school so you decided……

Your child will NOT be a statistic!  So you pulled them out to homeschool them instead.

✅You researched curriculums 

✅You found the best math fit

✅You found the awesome STEM co-op

✅You found intramural teams for them to join


The language classes haven’t panned out

You had multiple teachers

You tried numerous language groups


Although your child is awesome, something still hasn’t quite lined up

You know you could probably do it yourself, but you’re not as comfortable with the language as you would like to be to teach it.

But what if I told you, I CAN HELP YOU?

About me

I am mom of four, a lover of all things orange and find my spirit and peace in African Dance!  I am also the creator of a revolutionary online program that meets Black families where they are in their journey to bilingualism.  I'm a passionate life-long teacher and the go-to girl when it comes to language, Blackness and identity. I built my business with my four bilingual children in my heart and on my mind. I help you become confident in language taking away the struggle of doing it alone. You will gain powerful resources which allow you to grow in language more efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably.