There are two places where you will see the brightness of my “Kami-SWAG:”

  1. Anywhere there is an African rhythm or old school hip hop going
  2. When I speak Spanish:

You know you think Spanish is sexy!!! 

In fact you low key are thinking “Man! That’s what I’m tryna sound like when I eventually start speaking!” #spanishgoals #metasenespañol

Why “eventually” though?  The truth is, you can start HOY DÍA and it’s not hard at all…….CON MI AYUDA

For just $47 a month you can join a group of Black families committed to having me guide them through their Spanish journey, at their own pace, in their own time.


Get to speak as often as you need to, whenever you can!


Have me right there with you, pushing and helping you along the way!


Join other Black families as they also learn Spanish at the best pace for their lifestyle!

We DIY just about everything these days, right? I got three girlfriends I can name who can make me anything from a tutu for my daughter to a fruit flower arrangement like the ones you can buy with that national chain (No endorsements here!  LOL).

With all that creative skill, we just know we can nail language on our own too.  But do we really? I mean, un poco de realidad, ¿cómo te pasa tu español por verdad?

A lot of us know we are fully capable of doing something on our own.  We DIY just about everything these days, right? From recipes to home decorating projects, we just know we nailed it on our own.  But did we really? 

The fact of the matter is, no YouTube video, language app or under qualified tutor will get you to the competitive level for your job and prepare you to get your children adequately ready for the workforce better than ME who has practical strategies that helped my clients:

  • Jump 3 levels in Spanish speaking in less than a year.
  • Boldly start conversations with Spanish speaker wherever she goes
  • Speak more Spanish than English as a family at home
  • Be fluent in YOUR time and not hurried to fit my schedule or a semester term.
  • Have your family watching you FINALLY start to master Spanish in awe and amazement (even they thought you were never going to get it).

I know, you’re still skeptical.  You’ve been burned too many times.  I get it.  

Mira lo que dicen mis #blackbilingualmamas: 



My favorite is ‘Cuentos de Kami.’ Even though it’s challenging, I enjoy hearing her accent and getting to listen to her rate of speed. It’s great practice.



Kami definitely pulled out anxieties I didn’t realize I had.  I feel like I broke down a serious barrier when it comes to speaking Spanish.  I am grateful for this group!



I hate that I had to take a break for personal reasons.  I can’t wait to come back!

Frequently Asked Questions

But how does it work?

Primero necesitas haz un “click” below. Once you sign-up and start your subscription through PayPal, you will get added to the private group currently housed on Facebook.

Okay. Then what?

  • There will be weekly live training videos based on levels with opportunities to practice each week.
  • Reward points are given each month to allow you to have one-on-one time with me.
  • Be the first to learn of upcoming events and products and even get a taste before they go public!

But what if I need to cancel?
You can cancel at anytime provided you submit written communication at least five (5) days prior to your monthly billing date to:

What if I cancel but want to start back up?

Girl, no te preocupes! You can come back ANYTIME! Just click the subscription link again and come on back in!

So, are you ready? ¡Vámonos!