If you're a black women looking for a safe space to explore, heal and connect at a deeper level with other sista's, you're in the right space.  

In the live monthly sista circle in London, we're currently studying, ‘Sista’s of the Yam,’ black women and self recovery by Bell Hooks. 

After each session, I send out heartwork (homework) which include:   
- Journal prompts from each chapter to complete at home.

- Audio reflections with a deeper exploration of the text and any questions that come up in the live session. This has also been useful for sista's unable to attend live. 

    Today, I am excited to share the first session with you for free which explores internalised negative stereotypes, backlash after setting boundaries and the truth about how unsafe we feel within our families. This will help you:

    - Increase self awareness.

    - Understand the personal impact of racism and sexism.
    - Reduce racial stress.

    There are also additional video training's on how to get the best out of the heartwork and nurture your black girl bliss in the process.  

    Don't worry if you haven't got the book, the audios and questions are structured to help you explore your wellness through the writing. 

    Start your healing journey today. 

    For any queries or questions email the Yard at info@yardofgreatness.com