Becoming A Writer

You've always wanted to write - even somewhere down deep inside. The good news: this isn't anything hard to do. It does take some time to learn, but you practice as you go - and keep getting better. We've researched and tested - just to save you time.

First Benefit

How does an author make a writing business profitable? I'm investigating.

Second Benefit

How can you write better, faster, easier? I'm looking into it.

Third Benefit

Where do you get ideas - and how can  you train your inspiration to be more cooperative? I'm on your side - and will tell you what I've found...

Save Time - Learn from My Mistakes and Successes

You want to become a writer, or get better at it. I write regularly about what's reported to work, and the results of my own tests. Because I do a lot of research to find things that work. And I've been at this self-publishing scene for over a decade now. And had my bestsellers, and earned my financial freedom.

I publish these research articles, as often as several times a week.

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Robert C. Worstell
Chief Editor, Midwest Journal Press