Isn't it time you felt more calm, balanced and at peace in this Busy world? It can happen with the Power of Meditation

Learn how to calm your mind and change your life with this 6 week course. 


Ready to take a fresh new lease on life?

Are you unable to “turn your brain off” to the point it’s affecting your sleep and rest?

Do you feel stressed out MOST of the time?

If so, you’re certainly not alone!

Are you interested in meditation but don't know where to start or 

Are you feeling frustrated and discouraged about your meditation efforts?

Have you struggled clearing your mind, sitting still and meditating? Don’t worry, most people do.

Use my straightforward approach to  help release stress and anxiety and Help ease any fears about being the perfect meditator.

Grab your 6 WEEK COURSE & experience all of this:

- A renewed mind and spirit
- A more confident meditation practice
- A fresh and awakened energy
- A more focused you at work and at home

What's included

♦ 6 emailed bite-sized modules you can practice anytime

♦ Doable action steps to keep you on the right track

♦  Guided Meditations to tame that crazy monkey mind

♦ A breathing exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime to ease anxiety

♦  Stress-busting meditations to calm your mind, and reset your brain from all the negative thoughts.

Some of the topics we'll cover

♦ Mind focus techniques

♦ Step-by-step guide on exactly how to meditate

♦ Guided meditations to higher productivity and sharper focus

♦ Connect with your mind and embrace the "Monkey Mind"

♦ How to meditate 

£58 investment or £39 if you sign up with a friend

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Got questions I've got the answers

How long will the course take?

This course is specifically created for busy people like you. The course, along with my support, is intended to run for 6 weeks, but you can go at your own pace because you’ll have all the materials on email.

Each week  you’ll receive a new step by step guided meditation to practice that week.


What kind of time commitment should I expect?

Each module and meditation should take under 15 minutes to complete. There are 6 modules.


Do I need to know anything about this subject before I take the course?

Nope. This course is designed to reduce stress and anxiety and is for the complete beginner meditator or those that have tried meditating but can't seem to keep their mind quiet.  We’ll go over what Meditation is and you will receive recorded guided meditations to practice to support you on your journey.  


How long will the course material be available?

Forever(ish)! Once you purchase it, you’ll receive an email a week for 6 weeks. The material is yours to keep.


When does it start? 

Monday 24th September 2018. 


Can I ask you a question you haven't answered?

Yes sure email me at 

Here’s what a few people had to say about meditating:


"I meditate because it keeps me from offending people". .


"It helps me be helpful to others. Without it, oh, I wouldn't even want to imagine how much more difficult life would be for everyone".


"Without Meditation I’d be pissed & partying like a maniac. So I am forever grateful for the practice which is now firmly in my bones".


"It helps me from being so stressed!"

About the Instructor

Hi I’m Sandhya (pronounced Sandeeya) and I have been practicing meditation for 20 years.

I work with you on your journey to help improve your health & wellbeing and reduce your pain and symptoms. I offer small and friendly group classes of Yoga, Pilates and meditation groups in Keynsham, Bristol and Bath (Hen party Yoga sessions) and online stress management & meditation courses.

I help people reduce stress and feel more balanced, flexible and mobile.

I love teaching and feel fully rewarded when I hear students tell me they feel relief from their emotional and, or physical pain and walk out of class with a huge smile and glow! This encourages and inspires me even further. I know I am part of the best industry and in the right place now! You can find me at

£58 investment or £39 if you sign up with a friend

Online course

Join with a friend deal ends in