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Jann W. Martin

Award-winning Christian children's book author, www.JannMartin.com

I wish I had this when I was raising our children. Ashley breaks down her guidance to parents into ten areas to help them teach their children about God. Each section has a Bible verse to go with it. She also recommends books and Bibles for each age level. This would be a great gift to all of the parents that you know.

Kristen Hogrefe

Award-winning author and teacher, www.KristenHogrefe.com

Ashley Jones presents this important topic with simplicity and clarity. As a teacher, I believe that the home is the most important place for children to learn about a relationship with God, and Ashley helps equip parents to foster an awareness of His presence starting in those early years.

About the author

Ashley L. Jones

Ashley L. Jones has always asked big questions about God. Unfortunately, adults were often unable to provide satisfactory answers. When she grew up, Ashley earned a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies so she could learn more about God. Now she shares God’s Word with kids and adults because she believes that all big questions deserve big answers.