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I created First Things First to help creative women just like you get started without the overwhelm.
In just 30 days, you can have your own (legit) business doing what you love.

You'll learn how to:

  1. Treat your hobby like a business
  2. Create a name for your business
  3. Design a stunning logo
  4. Craft an unforgettable slogan
  5. Secure a domain name
  6. Obtain a business license
  7. Structure your business to take advantage of tax benefits
  8. Open a business bank account
  9. Insurance & bookkeeping
  10. Design a Facebook page & get your first 100 followers
  11. Design an Instagram page & find you perfect customer
  12. Build an email list to grow your business
  13. Create a website to showcase your products and services
  14. Create a payment processing system so you can make money while you sleep

Don't let your age get in the way of your success!
You are incredibly creative, talented, and smart.
You can do this - I'll be your biggest cheerleader!

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Hi ladies,

I'm Cheryl, a decorative painter, and business coach.

If you want to start a creative business, but you just don't know where to start, I'm here to help!

Sign up for my course "First Things First" - Turn Your Hobby into a Business in 30 Days, and create a business doing what you love!

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XO Cheryl