Stressed about summer? Stress no more;

Join Camp Trike!

We have changed up our summer Camp Trike email series to meet the needs of navigating a summer with limited options. 

Instead of a daily email this year, we are going to do a weekly themed email. Every Monday, we will offer 5 or more activities for you to do with your kids - or give them to do on their own. We will check-in on Wednesday to see how you are doing. We encourage you to share what you did via email, in our Facebook group, or on Instagram #CampTrike (@LittleTrikeMedia). Friday, we will email some examples of things everyone did and give you a few ideas to continue the fun with the theme over the weekend. 

Our themes will be: 

  • Hero's
  • Transportation
  • Farm
  • Animal Adventures
  • Science @ Home
  • Backyard Olympics
  • Paleo (Dinosaur) Adventure
  • Princesses and Pirates
  • Creepy Crawlers 
  • Christmas in July
  • Space
  • Back in Time

Camp Trike starts Monday, May 25, and runs through August 14. Camp Trike is totally FREE! If you can, we are asking for a $5 donation to cover the cost of the site. You can donate here