A Self Guided, High Value Course Designed to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

Do you encourage your fellow entrepreneurs? Have you been inspired by fellow entrepreneurs? Let me be the first to tell you, having a support system makes all the difference. If you're hitting roadblocks in your personal and professional life this course was designed specifically for entrepreneurs just like you!

This course will help you rescue yourself from feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Are you unsure how to reach your desired level of success personally and professionally? Go from Chaos to Clarity. Through concrete action steps, I empower people to run their business more effectively and increase their productivity while creating true work-life balance. Creating a business and life you love is only the beginning: By taking control of your work and life through these simple steps, you’ll create happier clients and more rewarding relationships with your friends and family.

Here's What You'll Get...

  • Clarity on what you really, truly want personally and professionally

  • Live (virtual) group coaching sessions to help you get the most out of the coursework
  • Tools to identify and dissolve stuck-points and roadblocks

  • No-nonsense action steps that lead to happier clients and more rewarding relationships

  • Specific strategies for running your business and life more effectively

  • Ownership over your life and business

  • Skills to increase productivity, better manage your time, and achieve your goals more quickly

  • A work-life balance that truly works for you

Registration for the next session opens in the spring


What's Included?

Audio Lessons

This course has been strategically designed for you, the busy entrepreneur. Do you ever feel like you're just too busy to sit through a course you've purchased? Me too, and THAT is why this course includes full audio lessons - so you can listen in the car on the way to pick up your kids or while you're doing your morning workout routine. Easy right?

Digital Workbook

I am delivering a digital workbook straight to your inbox so that you can get right into action as we go through the course. The workbook will be your roadmap, it will help you gain momentum and clarity. The magic will be in the work you do here! No fluff, I want you to have all of the resources to ease the stress, clarify your goals, increase your productivity and find that perfect balance you've been looking for.

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Every week for the duration of the course (4 weeks total) we will be having live "Success Sessions" to answer all of your questions, work through those tough stuck points, chat about your thought processes, celebrate your wins, and just generally be there to guide and support you in your journey to finding balance and clarity.

Course Modules


Episode 1 - Super Powers

Episode 2 - Vision

Episode 3 - Getting to the "Why" of the matter

Episode 4 - Being Intentional and Taking Action

Episode 5 - Limiting Voices

Episode 6 - Forgiveness

Episode 7 - Mindset Matters

Episode 8 - Is Balance a "Real" thing?

Episode 9 - Identifying Your Needs

Episode 10 - Defining and Creating Boundaries

Episode 11 - Productivity and Effectiveness

Episode 12 - Making and Keeping Commitments

Episode 13 - Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Episode 14 - The Importance of Accountability

Episode 15 - Celebrating Success 


If you return your completed workbook within a month of starting the course you will receive a FREE 1:1 VIP Coaching Session!

What's My Investment?

Regular $897


16 Audio Files

Interactive Workbook

4 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

1:1 Coaching Session (with returned homework)



Register Today and Receive a Bonus 1:1 Coaching Call With Heather Vickery

Course Creator and Coach, Heather Vickery

Once you have taken the first bold, courageous step, every action thereafter seems much more manageable and empowering. I am Heather Vickery and I learned this by unearthing my authentic self. At some point, I realized I needed to close my eyes and leap. This journey led to a total life transformation that included a painful divorce, navigating a co-parenting relationship, and starting a new business. It also included working with my own transformational coach, discovering how to truly believe in myself - and falling in love.

Throughout the adventure, I realized the hard stuff opened the door to the awesome stuff. I learned that everything I really wanted was just on the other side of uncomfortable. And I was really uncomfortable. It took being extremely uncomfortable to really embrace the process of change and to believe in the power of my future. To believe in my power.

I love my career as a coach. Working with a client, helping them get really clear on their vision, build better systems and boundaries to be their most successful selves -- seeing their breakthrough, feeling their excitement and joy -- is truly life altering. I believe we are stronger together.  When we strengthen each other, we strengthen our communities. I am confident that I'm doing my part to leave the world a better place for my children.

What People Are Saying...


"The moment I made the decision to hire Heather I instantly felt better. Since then I have often overcome difficult situations and sometimes even helped others by remembering and acting on all of the amazing things Heather taught me."


"While I've been involved in many transformational seminars in my life, something clicked for me this time in a way it hadn't before. My biggest takeaway from Heather's workshop is that mastery is an ongoing process. Not only is that ok, but it's normal. I have power over my life, but it's my responsibility to exercise that power daily through my commitments and telling myself the truths that drown out my limiting voices."