What readers are saying about this book

C. P.

“I keep reading lines and going, ‘wow, that’s me! That’s me too! And that!’”

R. H.

“It was serious, sad, funny, and happy – all in one.”

G. D.

“Loved, loved, loved reading your book! I need a second book – when’s the next one out?!”

About the author

Tonya Murray

To the core, Tonya is a teacher. She grew up around teachers, and even as a little girl, some of her best friends were her teachers. By the time she went to college, teaching was in her blood along with a love of learning. If time and money were unlimited, she would have been a professional student. It wasn’t until she buckled down and graduated that she understood not all learning happens in the classroom. She realized that people are our best teachers. 

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