Are you really ready to make 2018 the year you change the game? 

Then you need to Collaborate Like Cardi

Your money isn't in your product it's ALL in your marketing.
You can collect more coins through collaborations.
But they have to be the right collaborations. 
Collaborations that create visibility and allow you to
demonstrate your versatility. 

Join Nigeria Lockley for this Pop-Up course on 
Saturday, January 4, 2018
to learn how to leverage collaborations in your business to increase visibility and catch all of the coins you deserve.


Unoma Nwankwor Author. Podcaster. COO KevStel Group LLC

“Marketing has always left a murky taste in my mouth. I knew I had to do it but wasn’t completely sure where to start. Attending Nigeria Lockley’s Marketing Makeover Series, breathe clarity into my confusion. I was able to name my tribe, organize content around my books and strategically place my work in areas I would’ve never thought of before.” 

Teresa B. Howell, Author That Church Life

"Thank you for giving me the direction that I needed badly. With a very demanding job and family your service helped me to slow down and focus on marketing."

This step-by-step masterclass will show you exactly how:


  • To easily identify which collaborations are key for your brand
  • Exactly what you should showcase in these collaborations to increase your conversions and
  • How to gain collaborations even when no one is looking for you. 

Secure Your Seat and Secure the Bag with this masterclass on collaborations. 

Register for the Collaborate Like Cardi B Masterclass today and learn how to position your to prosper by showcasing your versatility and increasing visibility. 

A replay will be made available for all register guest who cannot attend live.