Content Creation Toolkit

10 Ways to Generate Magnetic, Follow-Worthy Content in 60 Minutes or Less

What is the Content Creation Toolkit?

The complete content creation system to help you write follow-worthy material that your audience will drool over. Never wonder what to write about again when you have the Content Creation Toolkit by your side! This Toolkit gives you a plethora of ideas for months on end!

Over 40-pages of a step-by-step process to generating months of magnetic content. When you write, you want your audience to follow you. This is exactly what the Content Creation Toolkit does for you and your brand!

Includes worksheets and resources so you can generate content quickly and easily. You will have the opportunity to generate topics on almost every page of the Toolkit so you never have to worry about what to come up with again.

Get clarity on who your content was meant to serve. Your content will be most impactful when you know who your content is speaking too. Within the Toolkit, you'll be crystal clear on who you serve, how you serve them and what you need to write about in order to create follow-worthy content every single time.

The Content Creation Toolkit is valued at $77, but you'll only invest $47!

What's Inside of the Content Creation Toolkit?

Write Desirable Content

  • Write content that reflects what your audience is truly struggling with so that you'll gain instant attention
  • Know what questions to ask your audience (even if you don't have one) so that you'll get ideas for future content
  • Create content that your audience wants to read rather than what you think they ought to read (there's a difference and you'll know it by the end of the workbook!)

10 Ways to Easily Generate Content (for Months!)

  • Have 10 different ways to generate content for months on end (and how the expert use these tools as well)
  • Resources and tools on creating continuous content for future blog posts, social media posts, paid products, and more!
  • Create magnetic, list-building and money-making ideas to attract and build in 60 minutes or less!

Free vs Paid Content

  • Know the difference between both free and paid content so that you can build suspense to your paid products
  • Identify the boundary of what makes free content... well, free
  • Understand how to put your free content into a simple product to make it a paid content, thus creating residual income (and why you can do that) 

The Content Creation Toolkit works! See what our customers have to say!

Roxy Jordet, Coach and Speaker

"Want someone who really listens to your needs in expressing who you are and then helps implement an action plan for developing your Blogs? Monica is that woman! Hands down a pleasure to work with!"

Mindy Kain, Coach, Teacher and Blogger

“Having a guide was essential to get me started and finding my own voice inside my blogs and Facebook Live topics. Once I begin writing my blogs, I enjoy it, even on busy days.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the Content Creation Toolkit?

Once you click the "Add to Cart" button, you'll be taken to a page where you can pay.  Once you have paid, you'll be able to download your Toolkit then.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yup! If you are not satisfied with Content Creation Toolkit, you have up to 30 days to ask for a refund. The only criteria is to tell me why because I want to improve and make the Toolkit better!

Why is the Content Creation Toolkit only $47?

1) $47 can reach anyone - from startups to 6-figure entrepreneurs. I wanted to create an easy yes for anyone who is willing to learn how to write content that is both magnetic and follow-worthy!  

2) It weeds out all the freebie seekers and those who are not wanting to create consistent, follow-worthy content. I only want serious people to purchase this guide because I want them to be successful by writing content that serves their audience.

3) Digital Marketer tested this price range and found that $47 generated the best overall ROI. So why not, right?

Believe me, when you have the Content Creation Toolkit in your hands, you'll want more, like Your Blog Launch Made Easy online course I've created for those who haven't yet launched their blogs!

Or even Your Business Blog Blueprint that complements the Content Creation Toolkit perfectly by helping you set up your business blog simply and easily (it's only $7, too!). This is just the beginning of your blogging journey!

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