This course is a self paced, 'do in your own time' program to help melanoid people manage the impact of racism on our well being.

There's alot of information out there about what racism is, and what to do to counteract it, but not enough details with tangible tools about HOW to actually manage the pain of living under the system of white supremacy.  

How can we function as a healthy human beings with this constant oppression?

This course deals with the mindset challenges of racism that many other coaches avoid. If you want to live authentically in your blackness, you need to address all aspects of yourself so you can grow and flourish  in your greatness.  

This is what inspired me to create this gentle, honest program for you. Let the healing in your community begin with you.

Inside the course you'll learn:

What is racism (white supremacy) as a system.

13 characteristics of internalised racism.

Where your racial triggers are.

30 ways to reduce racial stress.

3 disciplines of racial intimacy for wellness.

How to practice self compassion.

Journaling hacks.

Blackalicious self talk. 



Why is this important?

People of colour have to deal with the reality of racial stress under the system of racism (white supremacy) on a daily basis. Many of us want to feel more empowered, but don't understand how the system operates, or how to maintain our sense of self and wellbeing.

So, what will you actually get?

The course is a 4 part audio program where I share my experience, hope and tools. 

Audio 1 - My story

Audio 2 - The 3 disciplines of racial intimacy.

Audio 3 - A compassionate exploration of internalised racism.

Audio 4 - 30 empowerment tools to build your personal wellness ritual.

Wait! Whaaaat! There's Bonuses! 


You'll also get....

30 page Workbook (PDF).  

The 3 C's of Journaling (video).

Affirmations for Racial Wellness Meditation (Audio).


I also share my personal:

Daily wellness ritual.

Empowerment prayers written by me.

10 favorite daily inspirational books. 


What are Sista's saying about the program?

Who teaches the course?

June Allen, CEO and founder of the Yard of Greatness.

'I built the black empowerment program I wish I had, when I started my racial wellness journey.'

Take care of you, so we can take care of each other.

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Wellness Disclaimer. 
Whilst June Allen cares deeply about your well being, she is not a qualified psychotherapist.....yet! June shares her support and best practices in good faith and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a doctor, therapist or mental health professional. This online program is for information purposes only and will therefore not be liable for any personal damage as a result of the use or misuse of any of the suggestions made within this platform or program.  Peace.