So you want to succeed this semester?


I'm talking staying organized all semester long (yeah that's possible!)


Never missing an assignment, appointment, or party.


Staying sane and not having to remember everything going on.


Setting and achieving your academic goals.


Feeling like you belong and that you know what you're doing.

You are so in the right place.

About the Course

Here's what this course has in store for you:


Day 1: Out with the old, in with the new. Cleanses are all the rage right now, but don't worry I won't make you drink green juices for 30 days straight. This cleanse is super simple, and incredibly beneficial. Clear your mind by cleaning out some physical spaces and start your prep for some new classes.


Day 2: Studies show that 85% of students learn best when they use both digital and non-digital tools for school work. It's time to set you up with the tools for that success. Don't worry, even if you aren't tech savvy I'm going to make this super simple.


Day 3: In this lesson you'll learn my super simple and incredibly effective trick to getting on top of your stuff without losing your mind! No more writing info on the back of your hand or making mental notes that you forget 3 minutes later. The key? (Spoiler alert!) Planners.


Day 4: Never miss an assignment, appointment, meeting, project, presentation, date night, party, or.. well.. anything ever again. This lesson is all about one super amazing tool that I have been using for years that is the key to keeping it all together. Trust me, it's great, simple, and best of all.. free.


Day 5: Brace yourself. These final steps will work to bring everything together and allow you to feel fully prepared for the upcoming school year.


All that. FREE.

No sales pitch. No gimmicks. Just advice. 

Excited? So am I!

© 2016 Dani Kluss