2019 Dressage Rider's Journal

An all-in-one organizer for dressage riders

Maximize the value of lessons, clinics and your time.


  • Have you ever forgotten your lesson a-ha moments before even leaving the barn?
  • Do you ever spend hundreds of dollars on a clinic, with note scraps lost and forgotten before the next show season?
  • Let me guess, you're wondering why you keep getting the same results, show after show after show...


As riders, trainers and coaches, we've all been at the receiving end of so much feedback that we literally can't remember it ALL. 


Set your foundation with the Dressage Rider's Journal - the all-in-one organizer will set you up for goal setting, planning and achieving in your dressage life.



This all-in-one organizer helps dressage riders maximize the value of lessons, clinics, show preparation and test memorization by focusing in on dressage training and riding goals.

The 2019 Dressage Rider’s Journal starts with an introduction from FEI rider, coach and trainer Ruth Hogan-Poulsen so that YOU can use all these tools WITHOUT OVERWHELM and YOU can get YOUR OWN best results for 2019!

Check out all these custom features designed for dressage riders like YOU...


Plan your ride and barn time while still meeting all your other obligations.


Quickly review figure dimensions when memorizing a test, thinking about lesson feedback or reading judge's notes!


Make detailed diagrams in the 50+ 2-page layouts, then review the valuable feedback from lessons, clinics or tests. 


Get a clear snapshot of your starting point, and you'll see your small wins snowball into big accomplishments over the year! 


Dream big and set clear goals to achieve your dream dressage goals, this year, next year and beyond!


You can only reach your goals if you make a plan to get there!


You can only reach your competitive award goals if you first qualify for them... so, keep track of qualifying scores and requirements


Don't let a show deadline sneak up on you. Plan ahead for early bird entries, travel and lodging.


Keep this year's performance information in one place! Great for seeing any patterns in your performance AND supporting documentation for insurance evaluations.

What readers are saying about this book

Jane Savoie

Alternate, Olympic Dressage Team

This journal is an absolutely essential tool for goal-setting, tracking progress, and perfecting exercises and movements. 

It's a "must have" in your training arsenal.

Toni E.

2nd & 1st Level Freestyle

This journal has been so helpful for me planning a freestyle. The figures pages and arena pages make it wonderfully easy to map out potential patterns and keep the geometry straight in my head. 

I keep it in my tack trunk at shows!

Emilie G.

4th Level Instructor / Trainer

I LOVE this! 

The Journal gave me a place to put everything in one place. 

As an instructor, my students can also use the Journal as a way to remember their homework from week to week, as well as taking note of any questions that may come up as they review their rides.

Sara S.

USDF Bronze Medalist, Schooling Prix St. Georges

As I only ride with my trainer once per week, I am going to use the Dressage Riders Journal to document the highlights of our lessons as well as to make and execute a “to do list” before the next lesson, so I can make the maximize our lessons.  

I will also plan out my show season so I can achieve my goal of obtaining my silver medal.

Hadley S.

2 years riding, Lead line debut in 2019

[With Mom's help...] I used the Dressage Riders Journal to assess my strengths and weaknesses.  I found that my cute factor is off the charts but I need to work a bit more in listening to what my instructor says and talking less.  

Next summer when I start taking lessons with Miss Emilie we can record my progress in glittery pink crayon.  

I also may allow her to make some suggestions for things I can improve on.

About the author & contributor

Ariana Marshall

Ariana rode dressage during her teens and 20s, including spending 3 years as an assistant to, and riding with, FEI trainer Ruth Hogan-Poulsen. She competed through Prix St. Georges.

Ariana creates and publishes dressage and equestrian projects through her Dressage Gifts and Round Pony Press brands.

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Ruth Hogan Poulsen | Dressage Rider, Trainer & Coach

Ruth has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as well as her Freestyle Gold Bar and has been named a 4*  rider on Centerline Scores. She has competed both nationally and internationally and was long-listed by the USET, earning multiple awards at every level from Training to Grand Prix. 

As a trainer and coach, Ruth has developed successful teaching, training and competition programs for riders of all levels and needs. She has developed a series of products for the dressage rider, available on her website.

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