All You Need to Do:

1. Register

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2. Attend

Come and enjoy a day full of learning and fun.  We will have a fun theme!

3. Apply

You have gained the knowledge and tools, now its up to you to apply them! 

Stop Feeling:


Due to lack of support and resources


Due to feeling alone, isolated, and misunderstood


Due to lack of change and appropriate help

Start Feeling:


Things can and will get better with the proper supports! You will gain new knowledge, skills, and awareness about their needs and their world view.  This information will help you make better decisions and you will find better ways to help them. 


With the right tools, you will know what to do and where to go! You will be equipped to ask the right questions and turn resistance into change. You will learn how their brain structure affects their behavior and will know how to meet them where they are at.


You will know how to approach survivors of early childhood trauma and attachment at a deeper level with more empathy! You will create new connections for them and your relationship with them. You most likely are the first person to show them they matter. 

My Promise to You

  1. I respect your time and money and will not waste either.
  2. You will get a lot of education and information.
  3. This is not like other workshops you have taken.
  4. You will no longer feel frustrated with the systems.
  5. You will gain a deeper understanding for your child's or your client's behavior
  6. You will know how to better help your child and/or client.
  7. You will take home useful tools and tips you can implement right away.
  8. I respect you and your specific needs/questions. I will address these during or after the workshop to ensure you are 100% satisfied.
  9. You will get materials and resources to take home with you.
  10. This will be beneficial to your life and the lives of children and families around you.