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Tom Smith

The Merry Jaynz

On Crossing Lives

What makes this a can't-put-it-down, must-read story, is the way Nolan handles the subject matter. Few of the evil deeds done in the world are more evil than those depicted – all while a tantalizing web of suspense is expertly woven for the reader. And when even some of the "good guys" become suspect, a reader is hooked until the end.

In short, this was great read.


Liam Murphy

Munster Express

On Evolved

The writing has an immediate cinematic quality ... a page-turner from the Prologue to a headlong rush of incidents"   

Mike O'Cull

Music Blogger and Podcaster

On Emergence

Elaine Nolan is a skilled pianist and cellist, a compelling modern composer, and an award-winning writer of fiction that tends to lean towards the dark side. She creates freely, without fear, and often mixes her classical leanings with electronic elements that give her work a lot of crossover and soundtrack potential.

Emergence is an instrumental chronicle of the redemption of shattered dreams and, although somber on the surface, serves as reminder that those pieces can be fitted back together once healing has occurred. 

About the author

Elaine Nolan... an author, composer, pianist, cellist and Sound Healing Practitioner currently living in Co Laois, Ireland.

She is a novelist in genres spanning Sci-fi to Celtic Mythology to Urban Thrillers.

On the compositional side, she blends Baroque and Classical with Celtic and Electronic/Techno.

She has also composed individual soundtracks for each book to bring a unique reading experience to her readers