FREE 2018 Employee Interaction & Engagement Calendar for Creative Leaders

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Get an ENTIRE year of employee engagement ideas with this 2018 Employee Engagement & Interaction Calendar.

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Improve Your Employee Relationships

This calendar will prompt you with ideas to interact with your employees daily.

  • Daily interactions with your employees will improve relationships and show that taking an interest in and communicating with them is a priority for you as leader.  
  • Improve your frequency and effectiveness in employee interactions and raise employee productivity and engagement.  


Sample Week

Happy Employees Are Good For Business

Be a Creative Leader! Be a Great Leader!

  • Show that leadership cares about having an engaged workplace culture.
  • Spend time with the people that make the company tick.  
  • Boost morale.
  • Create connections and strengthen workplace relationships.
  • Stimulate conversations and embrace non-business communications. 

What's on the Calendar?

Some Examples:

  • Simple email communications.
  • National holiday celebration ideas.
  • Surveys, spotlights and  questions.
  • Gathering and meeting ideas.

The calendar is complete with:

  • Information on how to use the calendar.
  • Why you should use the calendar.