What readers are saying about this book

The G.R.T. Journal is a tool to use at the end of each day, spend 10 minutes reflecting over your day and document your accomplishments. Celebrate the positives and choose to improve on areas that are important to you.  

Go to sleep with a grateful heart!

Barbara Pinson Lash

Journalist, Celebrity Media Coach & Speaker

The GRT Journal is a natural progression of the care and concern Nancy shows for others.  I really love the reflection and gratitude prompts that keep me balanced...

Dr. Kathryn Addo, PhD

President, STC Consulting

Nancy White is a dedicated transformational health coach who gets results! This book showcases Nancy's knowledge and wisdom about living at an optimal level.

Lisa Santiago McNeill

Publishing Consultant & Coach

Nancy has been a wealth of health related knowledge over the years.  This book allows the readers to participate in their own health and identify strengths and weaknesses.

About the Author

Nancy White

Nancy White was born and raised in Charlotte, NC with her 3 brothers. Nancy’s father died from Hodgkin's disease when she was 9 years old, leaving her beautiful Mother to raise 4 children on her own. Her oldest brother died at 22 from Leukemia, while pursuing his lifelong dream to become a Doctor. Nancy loves assisting cancer “thrivers” and others who have had health challenges.

Nancy’s Mother moved to Heaven at age 96 and was a great influence on Nancy’s 35+ years of learning how to live a natural, preventative healthy lifestyle. Thus, her passion and purpose to become a Transformation Health Coach. Nancy is honored and privileged to assist others to pursue their healthy mind, body and spirit.

Personally, she has stayed 6 sizes down for over a decade and is aging with strength and vitality. To learn more about Nancy, please visit: www.thehealthycellschick.com