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Bring Raptor Fit to Your Club

The RaptorFit will be available in October 2019 and we will be selecting a handful of Clubs to adopt the solution starting at $2,995.  Would you like to get on the list? 

Let us know.

Train Like a Pro

What is Raptor Fit?

The RaptorFit system allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to resist movement over short, medium, and long distances.  With an extra-long band and a patented pulley system, the smooth resistance remains consistent, without any rapid increases.  This means athletes can cover long distances in any direction and also at any speed!


Trainers and athletes can create a full training program that can develop speed, strength, and power, while also working on functional movement, mobility, and stability. The best part about using bands and eliminating inertia, is we can now challenge maximum effort without having to use maximum loads.



With completion of the VertiMax Training Certification Course, pre-approved credits through the American Council of Exercise will be distributed. ACE is a universal leader in Personal Trainer Certifications, as well as Group Fitness and Health Coach Certifications. 


During the course of the Certification,  you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned to get the most out of the training certification experience.

Make an Impact

Our goal is that upon completion of the Certification Course, you will gain product knowledge, coaching knowledge and skills to effectively and safely utilize Raptor Fit while training clients in universal training.

Personal and Group Training

RaptorFit by VertiMax offers personal and group fitness training solutions by providing programing, app advantages and business development support to help you utilize the equipment to best service your clients and business.