I'm Robin, and I am so happy you are here!

Over the last 5 years, I have turned my side-hustle + skills into a thriving 6 figure business that helps so many businesses + brands, grow! 

But it wasn't always like this! 

When I started REP, I had NO CLUE where to even start. Keeping track of invoices, expenses, project proposals, email systems, how to price my services, taxes, contracts, it was all so overwhelming. So I found myself people who did know. Coaches and mentors who helped me prioritize the important things, build systems that I could manage, and keep my mental game in check. 

I invested in my dreams because, for me, failure wasn’t an option. I needed to see success quickly in order to keep a roof over my kids’ heads and food on our table. And it paid off. One full year in business, on my own, no husband for financial fall back, no part time or full time job to rely on, and I hit that magical 6 figure mark...I actually exceeded it. And I truly know it’s because I started right. I looked to the experts for help. 

As someone who has been through it all, I know my mission in 2019 is to help people like you bring your vision to life in a no BS way. We will work together to not jut bring your vision to life, but to give you the exact tools you need to set your business up right. Branding, finance systems, reaching your audience + keeping your mental game in check. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own, in a million different places, spending tons of time when you should be making money. 

So, let me be the first to invite you to...

What Will We Cover in Group Coaching?!

Defining Your Brand

Diving deep + discovering what makes 

you and your brand tick.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Defining your niche and crafting exactly 

WHO your ideal client is. 

Social Media Branding

The Dos + Don'ts of social media for your business! Creating social systems that are effective and save you time!

Engaging + Growing Your Audience

How can you find your ideal clients? Let me teach you the ways you can use social media to find them and engage with them!

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

It's not easy growing your dream. Learn tips + tricks to keep your mental game in check, create healthy boundaries + daily rituals that work for you!

Taking the Show Offline

Social media and digital marketing is only one way to grow your business. Networking + events are a great way to become a leader in your community! What events are worth it? How can you do it effectively? 

There is nothing holding you back from building your DREAM BUSINESS!

So let's work together and turn YOUR passion into something BEAUTIFUL!