How To Start A Blog FREE Email Course

Creating a blog doesn't have to be difficult and stressful.

It's actually easier than you think and I'll share my best methods for making a successful blog with you.

It's time to turn that idea into a money-making online business! 

Starting a blog could seem scary since there's so much doubt in how it will perform.

Let me tell you this.

I was in the same position as you are in right now.

I took the leap and started my blog, Growing Dollars from Cents, and haven't looked back.

If I was to make that decision again I would in a heartbeat.

Growing Dollars from Cents

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What You'll Learn In This Course

how to start a blog

10-Day Email Course

  • Day 1 - Why Blog
  • Day 2 - What Your Blog Should Be About
  • Day 3 - The Steps To Starting Your Blog On WordPress
  • Day 4 - Customize Your Blog’s Design To Make It Stand Out
  • Day 5 - The 3 Things Every Blog Should Have
  • Day 6 - Awesome Plugins For Your Blog
  • Day 7 - How To Make Money With Your Blog
  • Day 8 - Building Your Email List
  • Day 9 - Growing Your Blog Traffic & Social Followers
  • Day 10 - BONUS Tools & Tips To Succeed As A New Blogger

Are you ready to take the step and create a blog you can be proud of?