Are You Ready To Stand In Your Power?

Wanna find out how to reclaim your blackness from self hate to self love?Keep reading! It's about to get glorious!

So, what's the deal?

'How I reclaimed my Blackness,' is an online, empowerment training where I share my racial wellness journey and tools to support other women of colour on their own path of self love. 

Many of us want to feel more empowered inside our blackness, but don't understand the evolving system of racism, or how to build and maintain our emotional wealth. In this training, you'll get.....  

Audio 1 - My story

Audio 2 - The 3 disciplines of racial intimacy.

Audio 3 - A compassionate exploration of internalised racism.

Audio 4 - 30 empowerment tools to build your wellness ritual.

The training is available at the pre-order price of £35. (£47 Value) and will be sent to your inbox on Friday, 16th June 2017 

Wait! There's Bonuses! Whaaaat!

You will also get....

x1 Ebook (PDF).  

x1 The 3 C's of Journaling (video).

x1 Affirmations Meditation (Audio).


'I built the black empowerment program I wish I had when I started.'

Who am I?

I'm June Allen, CEO and founder of the Yard of Greatness. 

As a third generation Jamaican slave descendant (born and raised in the UK), I inherited an inter-generational pathology of pain.

I started my empowerment journey in 12 step recovery and therapy. My transformation lead me to start training as a psychotherapist. The years brought incite, wisdom and deep sense of compassion for my people.

I learned that we have absorbed so much racial pain over the years, that our very blackness has become the trigger that disconnects us. My vision is to build something that will help us find each again and love fearlessly the way RA intended in the beginning. This is my labor of love in service  to you <3


This program is for you if you're a women of colour wanting to....

Build self confidence.

Gain more self knowledge. 

Reduce racial stress.

Understand racism

Build a legacy of emotional wealth.  

Build your racial sobriety inside a 12 step program.

Connect more with your community.

Get clear on where you need more support. 

'Let me take care of you, so we can take care of each other.'

Get in there before the price goes up to £47 on Saturday!