A Harmony Refresh is a powerful skill, it offers a simple solution to a complicated world.

As a pioneer in Heartfulness skills, Will Hale has distilled the Heartful Harmony System and Harmony Refresh to create a foundation for harmonious daily living.

HEARTFULNESS is a process to restore our natural state of harmony, creating a lifestyle of being who you are and becoming more of all you are.

By tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of performing music with thousands of kids every year, Will Hale has established a simple, accelerated, experiential style of guided learning.

The Harmony Refresh
is the primary central skill of the Heartful Harmony System.
This deceptively simple process can have deep and profound results.

You can, break trigger patterns and immediately access your calm with The Harmony Refresh!

Before you notice, your life can be more relaxed and enjoyable!

You will be able to naturally pause before reacting, remain calm and soothe the edges of exhaustion and intensity.

You can feel more grounded, safe, capable and satisfied anytime.

You can start having more fun, while cherishing precious moments instead of struggle and stress.

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Will Hale, founder of Heartful Harmony.

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