Welcome to Our Stories

We love our customers, which is why we are committed to results.

At Hello Cider, we are dedicated to providing natural, organic skincare products that work. We find that the best way to share our common needs and experiences is through more than a review, but through our stories. 

Specifically, we are looking for YOUR story.

We Want to See Our Products at Work

As a company, it is difficult to see how our products are working for our customers without hearing from them firsthand. This initiative provides us the opportunity to hear from our customers in a more personal way while also reconnecting with our products to see them at work.

We Want to Learn From You

From what brought you to try Hello Cider to how Hello Cider has worked for you, we can learn what to improve, how to share your experiences with others, and which additional products to add to our collection to better serve you. You can read one of our customer's stories here. 

Your Story is Valuable and Important.

We will provide...

...a $10 voucher to our Hello Cider shop simply for participating. 

If your story is chosen...

...we will contact you for more details and a couple of photos. Most importantly, we will gift you a year's supply of our ACV Face Wipes. Yes, a whole year!

We will also...

...feature your story on our website and on our Instagram page  (@hello_cider)!

Are you interested in sharing your story with us?

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If you have any questions, feel free to email us at jackie @ hellocider.com.