About Exposed

He walked in and turned my perfect life upside down. He’s made it clear he wants me, but I fight him off. I have to. He’s the worst possible romantic option for me. My mind knows I need to stay away, but my body didn’t get the message. Every time he’s close, I feel myself giving in just a little bit more. But every move Antonio makes is tracked by the insatiable media. Between them and his jealous costar, it’s too much to risk. At any moment, I could be exposed.

My only choice would be to run. Again.

Those eyes. That body. Her lips. I thought I would spend six weeks in this small town, film my movie, and get out. I didn’t anticipate the impact she would have. Her eyes beg me to hold her, but her words fight me with every breath. I don’t know what caused those walls around her heart, but I intend to knock them down. I won’t be satisfied until I do. What Giovanna needs to know is I get any woman I want.

And I want her.

Three reasons why JDom is your new favorite author

Sexy times

I mean, seriously.

When JDom writes a sex scene, she doesn't hold back. No closed doors or fade to black from this lady. Readers say her sexy times are steamy, but emotional and plot driven. 

The leading man

Cuz it's all about the boy, amirite?

JDom's heroes might be a little rough on the outside, but there's a softy underneath just waiting for the right person to come along and unleash him.

She can hold her own

She's totally got this

JDom loves a fierce woman who can handle life on her own terms. No damsel in distress in these pages, even if it takes her a little while to find her own strength. 

About the author

Jennifer Domenico

Hi there. Thanks for picking up my book. Here’s a little info about me. I write contemporary and erotic romances. I love alpha males with a soft spot, flawed characters, and strong, sassy women. Lately, I’ve been into boys loving boys because love is love and the sex is fire. My characters usually have a side of kink and aren't afraid to demand what they want. I don’t apologize for that. I’m a sucker for a happy ending as long as it comes with a lot of heat.

I'm obsessed with mermaids, shipping fictional couples (Hello, Call Me by Your Name), and the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew at Starbucks.

I’m also known under my alter ego, J. Domenico, author of time traveling romances, because why not. The first title is Lost Within.

Let's be friends with benefits- I write; you read. Not the other kind, but if your mind went somewhere naughty, we're gonna get along just fine.